Wood Fireplaces

Enjoy the ambiance and warmth that comes with an open wood fireplace. We present to you a stunning collection of wood fireplaces in Concord that are not just versatile and diverse but are also designed with safety in mind. These beautiful designs will convert any room into an inviting, warm and beautiful space.

An open wood fireplace can create an efficient luminous heat. This is much more effective when compared to the traditional brick fireplace since the heat is circulated around the room instead of up the chimney. It prevents the loss of heat and offers you effective heating without the additional cost.

One of the main reasons why a wood fireplace is ideal for every home is because it can be installed in an existing fireplace. An open wood fireplace is not just effective for heating but is also equally beautiful. We offer a range of designs with unique architectural details that make them ideal for any type of style or setting.

An open wood fireplace is majestic and inviting with the crackling logs, glowing hearth and the warmth that can nourish the soul. With minimum cleaning and ash, these wonderful wood fireplaces are perfect for bringing the beauty of outdoors inside your home in Concord or surrounds.

Our wood fireplaces will instantly create the right mood when burned. Tall flames and beautiful crackle will instantly transform the look of your living room and create a cozy, warm and welcoming mood that every Concord homeowner wishes to achieve.

Over the years we have built a reputation for ourselves as being one of the leading fireplace installation companies in the industry due to our dedication to customer service, professionalism, prompt service and affordable solutions. We install gas fireplaces in homes and businesses in Concord, Drummoyne, Balamin, Hunters Hill and the wider Sydney area.

wood fireplaces concord

wood fireplaces concord